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Louisiana Regional Science Bowl
March 7, 2020

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Volunteer Information


Volunteers are needed to work as buzzer clearers, score runners, timekeepers, scorekeepers, moderators, rules judges, and scientific judges. Below are short descriptions of each function.


All volunteers are requested to attend a brief training session at which they will learn exactly what their particular job responsibilities entail. Volunteers will be notified when training is scheduled.






Science Bowl Central (SBC) was designed to provide a central location for information prior to and between rounds of competition. Officials/volunteers, will check in here to receive their room assignments. Registration for the teams also occur at SBC.


Science Bowl Central will be staffed throughout the course of the day to answer questions pertaining to the competitions, scores, advancement of teams, etc.


Volunteer Assignments for the roles listed below can be found in the attached links:


• Moderator
◦Reads questions to teams
◦Science/engineering/math background required


• Science Judge ◦Assists Moderator

◦Science/engineering/math background required


• Rules Judge
◦Enforces rules of the game

• Timekeeper ◦Keeps match time

◦Age 16 or older


• Scorekeeper ◦Keeps match scores

◦Age 15 or older


• Score Runner ◦Picks up scores from matches and takes to scoring room
◦Age 10 or older


Register to Volunteer

e-mail: Michael.Anderson@SPR.DOE.GOV