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2018 SPR Oil Sale Crude Oil Assays

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The Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) contains a number of domestic and foreign crude oils. For the most part, these are of light gravity (30 to 40° API) and contain less than 2.0 mass percent total sulfur. These crude oils are not segregated in storage but are commingled according to their sulfur content into two categories - one sweet and the other sour. For the purposes of the SPR, sweet crude oils are defined as containing a maximum of 0.50 mass percent total sulfur, while sour crude oils can contain up to a maximum of 1.99 mass percent total sulfur. Only similar quality crude oils are commingled in storage, with no mixing of sweet and sour streams being practiced.

Any questions regarding the assays or the analytical methods used in obtaining these should be addressed to Mr. Ray Ortiz, Industrial Specialist, Petroleum Reserves, US Department of Energy, RM: 3G-070, 1000 Independence Ave. SW, Washington, DC 20585, tel: 202-586-4398, fax: 202-586-7919.

To ensure that the following assay files open properly as Excel spreadsheets, use the following procedure. Using the mouse, right click on each, select "Save Target As ...", then save in the folder of choice as a Microsoft Excel Worksheet.


2018 Modernization Sale
(Microsoft Excel)
West Hackberry Sweet PIANO* Sweet
Big Hill Sweet PIANO* Sweet
Bryan Mound Sweet PIANO* Sweet

* Total Paraffins, Isoparaffins, Aromatics, Naphthenes, and Other


Crude Oil Assay Manual

SPR Sweet Crude Oil Safety Data Sheet

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